Setup a WordPress website in 10 minutes | Guide

To start a WordPress website you need a DomainWeb Hosting Service, and finally a WordPress software.

Let’s start with a domain name, don’t try to buy a lengthy name, try to find a domain name with short and sweet. Your domain name should be catchy to people’s mind. Easy to remember. Easy to type the word.

Example of lengthy domain name:

Example of short domain name:

Nowadays .com domain name of short version is really hard to find, so before banging the head, think what is the purpose of your website.

Here is a list of ideas I have in my head, for example, portfolio website, membership site, niche website in particular topic for blogging, any topic about blogging, eCommerce website, entertainment website, social forums, private website, gallery website, photography website, auction website, people’s hiring website.

Like this, there are so many types of websites already available in the market.

So, planning is very important before purchasing a domain name.

Once you have a clear idea about the website purpose, then you need to check it, if my website is limited for geography location or globally.

If your website is limited to a particular region of location then need to search the domain extension within that region.

Because it will help to boost in search engine ranking.

For example, you have a famous coffee shop in New York City, then you can find a domain name with .us extension.

So google and other search engines will give top priority in the ranking to your website in the United States first.

When you place ads on Facebook about your coffee shop. It will be easy for people’s also to recognize, that your coffee shop belongs to this particular region.

Where to buy a domain name?

There are so many websites to buy a domain name, but my suggestion before buying a domain name.

Think do you want to host the website and buy the domain from the same provider or you want to buy a domain from one website and you can host a website from another website provider, it is up to you.

My strong suggestion, if you are a beginner and don’t have much knowledge in this area, then simply go with a highly reputed and well-established company like Bluehost. Because they are here in the market for so many years, they know how to satisfy the customers like you and me.

Like free domain name for 1st year. free SSL certificate, and finally 24/7 awesome customer support.

Where to host my website?

As I said above Bluehost is the best for everyone.

They have the best hosting plans in the market right now.

Bluehost installs WordPress automatically upon the completion of signing up for an account. You don’t need to worry about finding the correct version of WordPress, Bluehost always installs the latest version so you have the most recent features available for your website. Bluehost has been the #1 recommended WordPress hosting provider since 2005. You can find this same information on their website.

They are one of the best in this website hosting market platform right now.

Bluehost has the best plans for every user. They also have 30 days money-back guarantee policy.

Choosing plans between Shared hosting vs WordPress managed hosting

Shared hosting plans are for low traffic website but you need to create everything by yourself or you need to hire someone to develop your site.

Shared hosting plans are good for hosting a static HTML files website and for a small portfolio website, where users only visit by your marketing and the audience is limited to 300 per day.

Shared hosting plans are for upcoming small bloggers who want to learn the basics of web hosting. But you need to invest a lot of time to understand and learn everything from basics, to run and maintain a shared hosting platform.

It is your job to update WordPress and you need to take care of your website security, where WordPress managed hosting everything is taken care by Bluehost.

If you are serious about website creation then my suggestion is simply to go with WordPress managed hosting.

So you can focus more on your creative project, not in a technical job. Moreover, it is not a onetime job to say my website maintains is completed. It is an ongoing process to keep and maintain a healthy website.

Creating Website in 10 Minutes

Now, you know where to buy an amazing domain and host your website.

First, signup to Bluehost website. Then buy a domain and choose your manged WordPress web hosting plan.

With a single click, you can install WordPress software without any knowledge. And you don’t need to maintain the website back-end like updates, software upgrading, security check and all other technology-related stuff.

Boom…. everything is up and running.

Now you have a fresh and clean default WordPress website. Ready to rock and roll.

You can change your default WordPress theme click here to check the Elementor plugin.

Elementor plugin is very user-friendly for complete beginners. You can change the themes the way you like it.

You can build an amazingly modern and robust website with the help of this plugin.

Hurry, it is time to get some action!